The Strength to Save Family Farms
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The Strength to Save Family Farms

Sometimes, the way forward isn’t the most obvious path. Sometimes, you have to change the way you think in order to find your direction. Organic Valley may be the biggest producer of grass-fed organic milk in the country, but it’s because they’re made up of hundreds of small family farms.

And it’s by being organic that these farms have found their path. The dairy business isn’t an easy one. There’s no such thing as vacation, and the work is hard. But the people who are part of it do it because it’s woven into the fabric of who they are. It’s their family business, and one they’re proud of.

And we’re proud that by partnering with Organic Valley, we can help make it possible for these people – these families – to thrive.

Liberté has always been dedicated to making yogurt of the best possible quality. When we found ourselves at a crossroads, looking forward to how to move into the future, we knew that we had to uphold the tradition of quality that defines us. For us, that meant making our yogurt organic.

When we went out into the world to find out who could help us, Organic Valley, and the small family farms they represent, were there waiting for us. And now that we’ve become partners, together we can make organic dairy part of what makes us all successful – part of what helps us all live lives we’re proud of.

When we break from convention, we all become stronger.