Organic is more
than a label.
It’s who we are.

When you know what’s right,
that’s what you do.

We believe that organic dairy makes a superior product, but that’s just one of the reasons why we made the transition to organic. Organic dairy is also better for the environment, better for the cows it comes from, and better for the farmers who bring it to us. It’s a win-win – and who doesn’t like to win?

Organic Valley is our organic dairy partner – and we’re proud to be part of what they do.

The outstanding farmers and cows at Organic Valley (hi guys!) are responsible for helping us make the best possible yogurt in the best possible way. Because they’re able to work with lots of different small farmers across the country to get as much organic milk as we need, Organic Valley is the perfect partner to help us support families and give you a product that’s unequaled.

We want to make our farmers’ passion possible.

Dairy farming isn’t just a job. It’s a calling. A calling that gets farmers out of bed and into the field with their cows before the sun comes up, every single day. For us, backing sustainable farming is just a part of supporting these farmers and making their passion a reality. The soul behind the small family farms of Organic Valley is something that we’re honored to commit ourselves to.

The future of
farming matters.

It’s no secret that farming practices have the ability to help or harm the earth and the people who share it. While no one has all the secrets figured out just yet, our intuition tells us that organic farming, with all its benefits for Mama Nature, is the way to go. Sure, we all need more research to understand every possibility, but we’re also adamant about supporting and investing in organic farming now.

Making cows happier makes us happier.

Organic Valley requires its cows are to have top-flight nutrition (all their feed has to be certified organic – so that means no pumping them with chemicals) and excellent living conditions, which means year-round access to the outdoors - so they can do their cow things out where cows belong. These standards help cows produce the highest quality milk, and that’s something both we and Organic Valley are proud of.

Liberation happens
when you break
from convention.