We promise to stay passionate. We promise to stay us.


Over the years our values have evolved, but we’ve stayed concretely us. We always strive to be, above all, consistently interesting. And we do it by making great things in the best way possible, by aiming to please the passionate, and by taking a leap of faith when we know it’s right.

We’re organic
because it matters.
We’re organic
because it’s how to
make sure we’re
bringing you the best.

And we also do it because it’s the best way for us to support small farmers who work sunup to sundown to set high standards for animal welfare and sustainable agriculture. That’s just what we believe in.


Founded in Montreal, Canada as a small kosher dairy with one goal: craft exceptional dairy products from simple, fresh ingredients.


Moved across the pond to Europe, to find the perfect yogurt formula using only the finest ingredients.


Moved to the U.S. to keep looking for the yogurt closest to perfection.


Went organic to make our values a central part of our product, and make the best possible yogurt.

We can’t do it alone. Our partners are
creators that inspire us.