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A Poet Who’s Redefined Himself

Arian Foster is far from ordinary. He’s a poet whose words move us in directions we never considered. He stands strong for what he believes in, and he has, more than almost anyone we know, followed his true passion. A former NFL player, Arian Foster knows what the world expects of him. And he defies it.

We met Arian Foster and we thought, here’s a man who refuses to compromise. Here’s a man who knows that the path he’s chosen isn’t necessarily the most popular one, and that some people won’t understand it. But it doesn’t matter. Because he has passion, and he knows his passion is worth following.

We know our passion is worth following, too. Even when the path leads us in an unexpected direction. Even when it’s hard.

That’s why we worked with Arian. His poetry is a new chapter of his life, one far different than where he got his start. But you don’t always have to do what people expect of you. You’re not defined by what’s on the surface. And that’s a lesson we’ve learned, too.

As we changed our brand from conventional to organic, we heard a lot about what we were doing, some good, some bad. But we never questioned our change, because for us, it was part of our passion. It was our own new chapter, and one that feels like it’s an indelible part of who we are.

It’s easy to be what people expect you to be. But when you follow your passion, you can be so much more.