Old Ways Made New Again
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Old Ways Made New Again

Faribault Woolen Mills makes things the way they always have – taking care of their materials and using them to craft products of the highest possible quality. But while Faribault has a bright history of quality, its business success is relatively new. In fact, for a while, the mill had to close its doors.

But when a group of investors found out about Faribault’s history, they knew that its story wasn’t over. It just needed a new kind of telling. They believed that the quality that defined Faribault would shine through, and that, even though Faribault’s blankets weren’t trendy or technological, the care that went into crafting them was enough to make them succeed.

It turns out that quality and care still matter, and when they’re part of you who are, they can lead the way.

The leap of faith that they took paid off. Faribault hasn’t just become a success; it’s reinvigorated the community that surrounds it. And with designers excited to work for a company that’s making textiles in America instead of outside it, working on new and different products made with the same quality as always, its future is brighter than ever.

Making a tradition of quality new again is something we believe in deeply. We’ve always used high-quality ingredients in our products, and they help define who we are. It’s why we’re making new and different flavors that maintain the quality we’ve always held dear: we’re exploring how trusting our traditions can help us try something new.

We’re discovering our own leap of faith. And we’re going to land in a brighter future.