Work That Feels Like Coming Home
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Work That Feels Like Coming Home

When it comes to carrying on a family business, it’s easy to want to change things for the sake of change. To do something else with your life because you’re tired of what you’ve grown up experiencing. Jonathan Grado, of Grado Labs, a small maker of handcrafted audio equipment, knows the feeling all too well.

But he also knows that, even though it can be harder to see, what’s always been around you can be an honorable and worthwhile pursuit. That what you’ve grown up with isn’t something to dismiss, but rather something to appreciate. And that who you are isn’t separate from where you came from.

Sometimes, when we really look at who we are and where we came from, we find a future we never expected.

That’s what happened for Jonathan when he chose to carry on his family’s business, one that’s been breaking ground in audio technology since 1953. The headphones and amps Grado makes are different than anything else out there, and appreciated for it by the audio world. (And by us – it’s why we made headphones together using recycled pallets from our Liberté manufacturing plant. LINK)

We know what other people are doing out there in the world, and that we could do those things, too. We could become like other companies that make yogurt. But our tradition, what’s always surrounded us, is valuable in its own right. And even though we could be anything we want, what we want to be isn’t who everyone else is.

What we want to be is a company that stays true to itself.